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Writer, Speaker, Chemist, Healer, Vegan, Natural Living and Wellness Consultant

Basak-Pirtini Healing Facilitator

Başak studied in the Department of Chemistry at the Bosphorus University in Istanbul. She has been interested in healthy living since childhood. Over time, she started to learn to take care of her pets with natural methods. When she became a mother, she started applying these methods to her children. In her professional business life before she became a mother, she worked on the organization and marketing of fairs and conferences for the ICT sector in Turkey and abroad.

She loves doing research on natural living, natural nutrition and natural treatments with the analysis ability provided by her chemist background. Since 2007, she has started writing blogs to share her knowledge and experiences with more people. In particular, she wrote columns on her blogs and national magazines on children and animals. 

Başak left her professional business life by giving birth to three girls. She wrote her book “On the Way to Natural Motherhood” at this time. She is interested in reading a lot, making natural and fresh vegan meals, making homemade creams, simple living, ecology, natural parenting, natural birth, and breastfeeding. She has been managing blogs and groups on social media for more than 12 years to raise awareness of mothers on ecological, chemical and drug-free living in the modern city.

She has been interested in healing techniques for more than 20 years. She works for healing people, animals, nature and the world with Power Codes and Animal Communication sessions. She has been spreading the Power Codes frequencies to the world, providing incredibly fast energy cleansing so that people can enjoy their full potential.

Basak Pritini Healing Codes Animal Communicator
dogal annelik yolunda kitap

Başak’s Book on Natural Living and Motherhood
It may first take a lot of resistance to face when you change the way you live, the way you eat and the way you purchase. However this greatly pays you back with your health and your families health. Başak in her book “On the way to the Natural Motherhood-Pregnancy and Birth” shows us and mothers how to take simple steps to decrease the toxic chemical load from your life. Being a chemist, she has searched many articles and have summarized the toxic free ecological ways of eating and living and how to detox these chemicals most of the time. Read more


Power Codes Master

Emotion Code Certified Practitioner​

Access Bars Practitioner

Universal Energy Practitioner

Animal Communicator

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