Fat Loss and Lymphatic Drainage Protocol

Develop a positive body relationship and detox your system

Power Codes Fat Loss and Lymphatic Drainage Protocol

Power Codes Fat Loss Protocol is a special Power Codes sequence developed for the clients with weight and body relationship problems.

Fat Loss Protocol is a mentoring program supported by 5 special Power Codes sessions followed by 2-months of Power Codes Monthly sessions for balancing the energy body. The protocol session flow was created by Başak Pirtini.

Before applying the Fat Loss Protocol, it is recommended to excrete toxins with the Lymphatic Drainage Protocol. Lymphatic Drainage Protocol is a Power Codes session that acts like a lymphatic drainage massage for the body to remove toxins once a week for a maximum of 3 sessions.


For those who have body weight problems, those who want to lose weight, those who want to gain weight, those who are bored with dieting, those who cannot change their habits, those who want to step into a healthy life, those who want to take care of their nutrition, those who want to communicate with their body in a healthier way, those who want to love their body more.



The purpose of this protocol is to enable the person to establish a healthy relationship with their weight. Ideal weight may mean losing weight for some people and gaining weight for others. Fat Loss Protocol provides clearing of energetic blockages that prevent people from reaching ideal weight and healthy body proportions. Energetic cleansing to reach a healthy weight supports a person’s life changes such as healthy habits, doing sports, eating and drinking. The Fat Loss Protocol should always be supported by healthy habits. We cannot say that this protocol will definitely make you lose or gain weight because physical health habits are essential, but it supports the body to come into balance by solving the energetic blockages underlying this problem.


Fat Loss Protocol session flow
Lymphatic Drainage Protocol session flow
Special formula to support weight loss
3 blockages to recovery
5 secrets of getting rid of stubborn body weight presentation
Foods that cause inflammation
Emotional health
System detox
Living foods
The energy of water
6 causes of hunger
4 strategies to beat hunger
The main diets in the world
Healthy intestines


Following this protocol opens one’s eyes to understand the value of body and how important it is for our mission in this world, rather than focusing on the weight gain and weight loss of the body. It allows the person to correct one’s relationship with the body. We live in a physical world and it shall be our goal that no soul remains who does not consciously feel the importance of the body which provides our life’s experiences.


For Practitioners: If you choose to become a Power Codes Practitioner by completing the Basics Module, you can continue with the Power Codes Protocol Modules. Then you can apply the protocol sessions on yourself and clients.

For Clients: If you are not a Power Codes Practitioner and you want to experience Power Codes Protocols you can contact a Power Codes Practitioner for support. Please fill the contact form for meeting a suitable Power Codes Practitioner.


ONLINE PROGRAM: It is group work over 4 hours of online zoom on the weekends.

PREREQUISITE: Complete the Power Codes Basics Practitioners Module to apply to Fat Loss and Lymphatic Drainage Protocol.

REGISTRATION: Online lecture video recordings can be watched for 30 days.

WHATSAPP SUPPORT: Private protocol support is provided for 1-month via WhatsApp group.

BOOKLET: The documents in the training are delivered to the participants in pdf format.

CERTIFICATE: Each participant is entitled to receive a specific Protocol Practitioner Certificate.

Patrick Durkin
Patrick Durkin
These codes are way over the value of the seminar!
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"The money codes are working great. For the last 6 years I have been reaching the 75% of my targeted monthly annual income in my company. After taking the money codes program I have been hitting over 100% of my target! These codes are way over the value of the seminar!"
İrem Ç.
İrem Ç.
After the program, for the first time in my life, I saved some money and opened an investment account.
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"Hi Başak, I haven't been holding money for years. The money I had earned was getting out of my hand somehow. I have received some money-related trainings and seminars before. But after the Unlimited Money Making and Wealth Program, for the first time in my life, I saved some money and opened an investment account. This is like a miracle for me. Later, my workplace came to me with an offer. Now I started getting commission from sales and my income increased. I reached my first goal in seminar as income. These codes are really effective. I also notice the change in my energy. I have begun to fulfill your assignments and I can see that I have gone from lack to abundance in consciousness. Thank you very much for your effort and everything. In this training, you shared information from all areas of life with us. It was a very full education, thank you again."
Ayla Yaren
Ayla Yaren
Ideas are still coming, and the interesting thing is that I now know better where I am stuck
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"Başak's money program has made incredible expansions. As soon as I did the activations, I started to write and draw. Ideas are still coming, and the interesting thing is that I now know better where I am stuck. Thank goodness for that."
Meltem Ö.
I had a great enlightenment at the Endless Money Making and Wealth Program.
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“After money codes, my thoughts and judgments about money seemed to come to light one by one. Each of them came to my mind in turn. As if my highest self brought problems to me one by one. I always love and want money, of course, who wouldn't want to think so, but I saw how I undermined myself secretly. In fact, I was always afraid of a lot of money, I was afraid that my family order would deteriorate, I was afraid that I would lose my health. I always thought as if health and money could not be together. My traumas, my childhood, my mother... My head is full of them for 2 days. I can say that my grandmother died as soon as prosperity came to her life, my father's financial status was very good in our childhood, but our family order deteriorated, I had reconciled unrest with money and grew up with these… I had a great enlightenment at the Endless Money Making and Wealth Program. I have now decided not to worry about any material losses. I am sure that what happened or not happened to me is my highest and best benefit. I am sure that my communication power has increased with my higher self. All awareness is like chatting with a friend. For the first time in a long time I slept uninterruptedly at night. I always learned to put my mind on my job, endlessly worrying about work. I started asking myself “where's the joy?”. Of course, success always depends on diligence, but I was always in a situation where I could not make sense of my work, I could not get the full value of my labor, which made me crazy. I realized I wanted this underneath, to stay in my safe space and the universe put all the necessary blocks in front of me. You cannot believe who came out when I asked “Who does it belong to?” This is an education that I believe everyone should experience. I am happy that our paths crossed."
Murat İ.
I hope God will give everyone more money and wealth than they ever dreamed of
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“Hi Başak, I have been thinking about writing to you for 2 months since a lot of changes have happened. After attending your Endless Money Making and Wealth Program with my wife, both our abundance and the money we can use increased. We had the opportunity to buy a farm, not a house, in a coastal Aegean town that we have dreamed of for years. Thanks for everything, I wish everyone's abundance will increase, I hope God will give everyone more money and wealth than they ever dreamed of. "