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Explore the New World Healing Codes for more happiness and joy

People Are Energy

Our thoughts, desires, dreams, and emotions all have a unique vibe. New World Healing Codes are the matching vibrations for the original blueprint design of the human body.

We Are Super Antennas

We broadcast which vibration we hold in our field and receive the matching same vibrations back. If you are sad, you receive sad situations. If you hold happy vibes, you fall into happy situations. 

People Can Change Vibrations

Best of all, you can change the negative vibrations into higher positive ones by using the best tool; The New World Healing Codes and transform your life. 

What are the “New World Healing Codes”?

Is there a fast way to heal

The New World Healing Codes  emerged through our Divine connection with Our Creator. These codes have performed incredible results on thousands of people in many healing sessions. You can also benefit from these super-healing tools. The New World Healing Codes match the exact frequencies which create the original blueprint design of the human body. If one raises his or her level of consciousness to a certain high level, the codes can be accessed and downloaded. This way healing codes can be gifted to humans. 

Once these codes are applied, they are accepted by one’s highest self to work on all physical and emotional, mental and spiritual subtle bodies in the perfect time and order with ease and grace. New World healing codes are the perfect loving gifts to humans from our Creator, to help us define our life purpose and fulfill our mission in this lifetime. There are many codes we can use for healing our ailments quickly. If you want to learn how the Power Codes work, see the information below.

If you need healing check Power Codes page.

What are the “Power Codes”?

Through a divine connection Başak Pirtini was able to uncover the Power Codes which are 13 times stronger versions of the powerful healing codes which are the fastest healing modality known to man. Power Codes use a combination of sacred geometries and 5 elements of nature. Each Power Code is made up of certain words which take seconds to say. There are 53 specific Power Codes that work deeply on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies. 

If you would like to check their power say this code out loud:

Heal with the Healing Codes Containers

Do you feel the sensations of this Power Code? Do you feel the deep release of stuck emotions? This 1 little Power Code performs a whole emotional session. See that was simple wasn’t it? Don’t overthink it, your natural tendency may be to be in disbelief but approach this like childlike wonderment. What IF it was actually that easy?

Since there are hundreds of millions of tools, we have 1 specific tool to take the work out of healing so you can just sit back and receive. Once you enroll for the Power Codes training, you will be guided through, and helped with which codes you need, and when. 

*The Balance Emotions Power Code only works as a demo on this web site. In order to use it outside this website you will need to be attuned to use the Power Codes.

If you need any help with your spiritual healing journey, please check the Power Codes sessions.

Power Codes Technique

We have mastered the art of healing and made the complex simple. Unlike other healing systems, it’s so simple that even a 5 year old can do it!

Learn to tap into the physical, emotional, mental and energetic issues with 53 Power Codes of Platonic Solids. Power Codes can be used in different orders for clearing 351 energy blockages! Use Power Codes by muscle testing, in an auto session, for  personal 1-to-1 or groups sessions, with other 3D tools to improve the power of the session.

Tired of muscle testing endless issues with no improvement? It is so easy to perform the best healing session, a remote or physical full  Power Codes Session with only 4 words to remember. The session will clear the most important blockages in perfect order. Be prepared to be amazed, it is yet so easy that even a 5 year old can do it!

Wanting to help more than one person at a time? Sometimes personal sessions can be exhausting. Power Codes are awesome tools to use in group sessions. So that you can be able to help and work with more people at the same time. This is the perfect way to rise the consciousness of all humanity in short time and save your energy!

The Power Codes can be attuned to special 3D objects which can be used at the physical healing sessions to increase the power of the Power Codes session up to 2-3 times. The Power Code attuned objects can be combined with the Crsytal Healing Beds to increase the sessions power even up to 14 times! So, get ready to receive the best healing outcomes!

Ready to increase your healing sessions power?

Power Codes BASICS

Learn Power Codes

Learn how to perform  a full Power Codes session in 5 minutes by using only the 5 words! Power Codes are the most recent, fastest and easiest healing modality which makes them a hit. If you want to learn about codes, Power Codes Basics online training covers basic 53 codes and 10 Codes for Emotions to improve your life instantly on physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels. 


Perform Energy Protocols

After you complete the Power Codes Basics Online Training, advance your Power Codes Practitioner skills by learning to practice the Power Codes Protocols on most wanted issues. Current advanced protocol modules are Total Energy Reset Protocol, Miracle Energy Protocol, Wealth and Money Flow Protocol, Relationships Protocol and Fat Loss Protocol.

Power Codes SESSIONS

Personal or Monthly Sessions

If you want to experience the Power Codes for yourself or family, you may choose from personal or monthly sessions. Power Codes sessions are very powerful remote healing sessions which last about 45 mins and aids bodies healings for 2-3 days. Personal sessions can focus on special issues, where are monthly sessions  provide regular healing support.


Sedef Ö.
Sedef Ö.
A miracle is happening and you are learning that you are the miracle.
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“The New World Healing Codes session with Başak is beyond wildest dreams. All energies come out, realizing myself, becoming a healer. I am still in shock. A miracle is happening and you are learning that you are the miracle. I am grateful for myself and you. These codes are the greatest gift you can give yourself. Join Başak’s sessions, experience the codes yourself, let your life change. Thank you.”
Patrick Durkin
Patrick Durkin
These codes are way over the value of the seminar!
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"The money codes are working great. For the last 6 years I have been reaching the 75% of my targeted monthly annual income in my company. After taking the money codes program I have been hitting over 100% of my target! These codes are way over the value of the seminar!"
İrem Ç.
İrem Ç.
For the first time in my life, I saved some money
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"I haven't been holding money for years. The money I had earned was getting out of my hand somehow. I have received some money-related trainings and seminars before. But after the Unlimited Money Making and Wealth Program, for the first time in my life, I saved some money and opened an investment account. This is like a miracle for me. Later, my workplace came to me with an offer. Now I started getting commission from sales and my income increased. I reached my first goal in seminar as income. These codes are really effective. Thank you very much for your effort and everything."
Murat İ.
After attending your Endless Money Making and Wealth Program with my wife, both our abundance and the money we can use increased.
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"I have been thinking about writing to you for 2 months since a lot of changes have happened. After attending your Endless Money Making and Wealth Program with my wife, both our abundance and the money we can use increased. We had the opportunity to buy a farm, not a house, in a coastal Aegean town that we have dreamed of for years. Thanks for everything, I wish everyone's abundance will increase, I hope God will give everyone more money and wealth than they ever dreamed of."
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