Power Codes Practitioners Program

Healing can be Fast and Easy!

Simplfy and accelerate healing

Use sacred geometry and 5 elements’ frequencies to make your healing journey fast and easy

Start a session in a minute

Perform the best session for your clients quickly while keeping your life force energy for yourself

Do unlimited sessions per day

Once you get attuned to Power Codes, start performing sessions for as many people we you want

"I've been working with healing issues for over 20 years. Most healing methods are very tiring and take a long time. As someone who has 3 children and works with clients, I encounter situations during the week where I need to support many people. When I realized that most of the time I couldn't even take the time to heal myself, I started to ask the question of 'how I can heal more easily?'. This is how Power Codes came into being. Power Codes is a complete energetic release technique that combines 20 years of experience in healing techniques, working with the best healers, basic energy healing and bodily experience."

How is Power Codes different than other healing techniques?

The ultimate healing technique Total Energy Reset

So, are you ready to experience Power Codes? See below for the Power Codes Practitioners Program.
If you are ready to take your healing journey to a new level you can send a message from contact page for more information.

Power Codes Technique Practitioners Course

This healing package includes Power Codes Basics.

BASICS: 1 month of group online training via video communication.

  • Basics of energy healing
  • Basics of Muscle testing with Special Accuracy Activation
  • 53 New World Healing Codes: Power Codes
  • 10 Codes for Emotions
  • Start healing yourself and others with codes frequencies
  • Complete energy healing package
  • Corrects and balances energy naturally
  • Fit for healers or anyone who wants to transform his/her life radically
  • Deep energy clearing
  • Learn to correct and balance 351 issues
  • Achieve fast, quick results to live in high frequency
  • Become connected to continuous joy, peace, divine love and Our Creator
  • Enhances intuition and connects the consciousness to the highest level
  • Become a Power Codes Practitioner
  • Fully Easy Power Codes Session (No muscle testing needed) – So easy a 5 year old can do it!
  • Famous 5 Word Healing Session – Just remember them and you can master the whole Power Codes Protocol!
Power Codes Practitioners Basics Module

How do I apply to the Power Codes Practitioners Program?

PREREQUISITE: 1 month of Power Codes Monthly Session. Click for the monthly session info. After the sessions are complete students have a meeting with Başak Pirtini to get accepted to the program.

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN BASICS MODULE: 4 live zoom classes with replays, total 16 hours of curriculum, printed materials, practitioner marketing materials and certificate of completion are included. Students must present 24 sessions and complete a test to get certified.

Change your life by joining the Power Codes Practitioners Team!

All Power codes practitioner modules
New Power Codes Practitioners

After completing the Power Codes Basics Module, you can deep dive in advancing your Power Codes Technique by learning to practice the Power Codes Protocols. Power Codes Protocols are not included in the Basics Program. Current advanced protocol modules are Total Energy Reset Protocol, Miracle Energy Protocol, Wealth and Money Flow Protocol, Relationships Protocol and Fat Loss Protocol.

Please check the Power Codes Protocols Page for more information on the amazing Power Codes Protocols!

How to benefit from Power Codes?

Power Codes BASICS

Learn Power Codes

Learn how to perform  a full Power Codes session in 5 minutes by using only the 5 words! Power Codes are the most recent, fastest and easiest healing modality which makes them a hit. If you want to learn about codes, Power Codes Basics online training covers basic 53 codes and 10 Codes for Emotions to improve your life instantly on physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels. 


Perform Energy Protocols

After you complete the Power Codes Basics Online Training, advance your Power Codes Practitioner skills by learning to practice the Power Codes Protocols on most wanted issues. Current advanced protocol modules are Total Energy Reset Protocol, Miracle Energy Protocol, Wealth and Money Flow Protocol, Relationships Protocol and Fat Loss Protocol.

Power Codes SESSIONS

Personal or Monthly Sessions

If you want to experience the Power Codes for yourself or family, you may choose from personal or monthly sessions. Power Codes sessions are very powerful remote healing sessions which last about 45 mins and aids bodies healings for 2-3 days. Personal sessions can focus on special issues, where are monthly sessions  provide regular healing support.

You can contact us from healing@healing.codes for any questions.

WARNING: The information contained here cannot replace the doctor’s advice. The release of blocking energies from the body does not replace a doctor’s opinion or medical treatment. The release of negative energies helps the body heal itself. This work brings great peace, inner balance and happiness to one’s life. If you have a disease, you should first be in contact with your doctor and healthcare personnel about it.


Murat İ.
Apart from physical changes, behavioral and mental changes occurred rapidly.
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“I attended your sessions. Basically I am a good person, but with this program my awareness has increased. Apart from physical changes, behavioral and mental changes occurred rapidly. I started to be more positive, more optimistic and more helpful to all the people and everything living and nonliving around me. I was already a positive person, but I started to apply the understanding that everyone will be fine if I am good, which allowed me to behave more sharing, positive, not seeing mistakes, making people aware of them in a non-offensive way."
Senem B.
When the session was over, there was no pain and I was really happy.
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"I had a pain that spread to the toes that did not go away on my soles for 2 months and yesterday it increased so much that I decided to go to the doctor for today. Then I made an intention during the session last night. When the session was over, there was no pain and I was really happy. I wanted to share this with you. Love"
Monthly sessions were very good for me.
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"It was a time when I was having a lot of emotional difficulties. We had problems with my partner, too. We turned upside down in the first week. I said what's going on? Then I calmed down. My husband was like that too. We took mutual steps. We felt both good. I believe the sessions had this effect. I became less angry, calmer and calm individually. My restlessness decreased. Monthly sessions were very good for me. "
Nesrin G.
This is like a computer reset that I think everybody needs to do
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"The 4-week monthly sessions went very well. I have no negative emotions left, no worry, delusion, anger, fear, etc. Thank you very much for everything. This is like a computer reset that I think everybody needs to do."
Begüm D.
I have become much calmer and my anxiety has decreased.
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"The monthly sessions have been good for me. I have become much calmer and my anxiety has decreased. Thank you very much.”
Those around me are telling I am shining.
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"After the sessions, I am definitely less angry about the things I am angry with now. I am aware of my self-esteem and self-worth. Those around me are telling I am shining. I am calm about all the things I can react to. I don't even want to hear the “anger” word. I also left my toxic relationship. I am feeling the healing effect of the energy every week. How better is it? I left the addiction in the relationships and turned to myself. How beautiful it is to love myself. And my paths cross with beautiful people. Thank you very much. My heart is peaceful. I also started doing sports. How does it get any better than this? I am grateful for your existence.”
Banu A.
My energy is above the roof
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“Since I started taking the monthly sessions with Başak, my ego has really been dissolved, my anger has left me. Until yesterday, I would have inner discussions about people I meet like why he always does that, say that etc. I do not care about any of them anymore. I changed the department at work, I immediately accepted. In the past, I would probably ask myself what if I was inadequate and why would they want to give me this department. But now I look at it so positively that my energy is above the roof. I was afraid of spiders, insects and even had a panic attack. Now I pick them up with bare hands and throw them out. I meet with my neighbors more often. And I started to enjoy it a lot. I am much more calm, much more patient and I started to laugh and enjoy a lot more. Apart from that, the fungal infection and itching that tired me began to heal without applying anything. I cannot wait for my next session. I am grateful for you.”
Deniz S.
I spent 45 minutes full of great feelings.
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"I just had my session and wanted to share the most obvious effect on me as a shock. Before the session I was physically very exhausted and overly painful and twisted because of my menstruation. I was able to stand up straight right after the moment I said YES, and my pains disappeared. I feel very good right now. I spent 45 minutes full of great feelings. How could it be better than this? I am excitedly waiting for the results. Thank you very much and I wish these beautiful energies return to you."
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