Power Codes Technique

Raise your vibration and consciousness in short time achieving health, peace, and above all, unconditional love

Fast Healing Technology

Powerful New World Healing Codes, using sacred geometry and 5 elements’ frequencies make up this fast and exquisite healing.

Clears over 300 energy blockages

Power Codes give the best frequencies to physical, emotional, mental and energy bodies dissolving many blockages.

30 days of continious healing

All you need to do is say YES and enroll for the monthly sessions and enjoy your life unfolding all the joy, happiness, peace and love for you!

"Everything is for a happier, peaceful and healthy planet. Let this be my biggest contribution to this life."

What are Power Codes?

Power Codes are extremely powerful healing codes and the fastest healing modality known to man. Using a combination of sacred geometries and 5 elements of nature, Power Codes Technique create a very tangible healing effect on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of your being. As the codes are run, you’ll be basking in a gentle yet powerful array of new high dimensional energies designed to unlock your body’s natural healing power. The average session lasts 45 minutes and will aid the body in healing for an average of 2-3 days at a time. This session compliments your body’s natural order of highest priority to guarantee that you get exactly what you need when you need it.

5 elements sacred geometry

The 5 Platonic Solids form the 5 elements of nature: The Cube as Earth element, the Tetrahedron as Fire element, the Icosahedron as Water element, the Octahedron as Air element and the Dodecahedron as Universe/Spirit element. 

How long does the Power Codes session effect last?

It is about 2-3 days, for some people the effect lasts up to 1 week. The body heals after each session. You may feel some physical healing reactions after the sessions as heaviness, emotional ups, and downs, the tension in the body which is normal. After a couple of sessions, many reports feeling awesome, more mental clarity, an increase in energy, and better relationships. 

The Power Codes sessions are available for 1-to-1, monthly personal or household packages. Check below for current offers.

How does the Power Codes Session work?

Due to the current pandemic it’s not possible to take any physical sessions. But do not worry, this amazing technique can be used remotely as well. If you are new to remote healing, there are over 50 randomized studies that proved healing at a distance was effective on humans, animals, plants, and DNA. [1]  During the session, the person is being remotely connected using kinesiology and the codes are run for that person. As much as unbelievable as it may sound, clients report tingling in their bodies, heat, cold, energy moving, live dreams, and increased feelings as well as relaxing fully during the session.  You can read some of the many testimonials below this page.

[1] Over 50 randomized scientific studies which explain how distant healing works. Click here to learn more about how distance healing works. 

The ultimate healing technique Total Energy Reset

What does the Power Codes technology do?

Power Codes are amazing! If you are experienced in healing, you can realize the advantage of obtaining these and a total of 351 energetic blockage clearings together in just one healing technique.

Current Sessions

1-to-1 Session

45 mins

Power Codes 1-to-1 session is for anyone who wants to experience personal healing energy to focus on any personal issue. The Power Codes session will support you on all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The session is carried out live via internet video communication. The number of sessions depends on the person. Click on the link below for more information. You may want to start with 3 sessions package for more benefits.

Monthly Sessions

One Person

If you like to get regular remote healing sessions you can purchase a monthly session to get Power Codes working on your issues from the highest priority. The monthly sessions will support you on all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. After 30 days you may want to observe yourself on all levels and if you like the way you feel, you may continue with another month for more clearings to keep your energy even higher. Please check the link below to purchase a monthly session.

Monthly Sessions

Household or 1+ Person

If you live in your house with your family, you can sign up for the household monthly sessions. This monthly session provides all the people living with you in your house to receive the benefits of Power Codes sessions. This session creates happier relationships between people and better well-being. You can save money by choosing household sessions if you live with more than 1 person in your house!

You can contact us from healing@healing.codes for any questions.

WARNING: The information contained here cannot replace the doctor’s advice. The release of blocking energies from the body does not replace a doctor’s opinion or medical treatment. The release of negative energies helps the body heal itself. This work brings great peace, inner balance and happiness to one’s life. If you have a disease, you should first be in contact with your doctor and healthcare personnel about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We still don’t know how distant healing works. We even don’t know how the Universe works. Many people don’t give a chance to distant healing. Remote healing is performed worldwide. This maybe laughed upon but here are dozens of scientific studies on distant healing.

Everyone experiencing Power Codes sessions says something is happening so why not give a chance to a better life?

The sign up page will forward you to SHOP. After you purchase your sessions, your request drops into our inbox. Then you will be receiving weekly messages. If you like, you can then share some of the things you experience from your sessions. Monthly sessions are very easy to take, the remote sessions will be performed 2 times a week. You can rest at that time or just keep on enjoying your life. The remote sessions don’t require talking over the problems for hours so you will not get tangled in healing discussions.

During the session, the person is being remotely connected using kinesiology and the codes are run for that person. As much as unbelievable as it may sound, clients report tingling in their bodies, heat, cold, energy moving, live dreams, and increased feelings as well as relaxing fully during the session. You will be receiving the remote sessions 2 times a week.

Yes, you can also get 1-on-1 sessions. Personal sessions are also done remotely which include live video communication.

If you want other people to experience Power Codes incredible energy, you can do it in 2 ways. First, you can refer this page to them, let them read about Power Codes session. Second, if you are living with other people or with your family you can get the monthly household sessions.

Everyone has a different experience. After a monthly session you should be feeling the extra flavor of life you think you have lost. Better mood, increased mental clarity, improved relationships are reported by many people. How about trying it yourself and see how the changes show up in your life?

We cannot say there is a right or wrong here. Some people are just more sensitive to energy than others. Even if you don’t feel anything, know that the energy is working on you at a deeper level. You have not just felt it this time. How about taking it for a month and seeing it yourself? Usually the healing sessions remove the blockages from energy bodies which can cause the healing effects to be seen after weeks or even months. And suddenly you realize something is different!

Power Codes releases considerable amount of energetic blockages at once. You are feeling the natural healing reactions on your body during the healing process. You are one lucky person to feel these!

We recommend you to only take Power Codes to observe the effects better. The monthly sessions are  high in energy, way more than other types of healing sessions, you will not even need to have another type of healing session. The main purpose is to keep your mind away from the pressure of healing while your body is healing so that you can enjoy your life unrestricted! If you perform energy healing for others you can do that.

Yes, you can do that. However alcohol, high caffeine drinks, drugs, as well as heavy metals and chemicals cause the central nervous system to unnaturally relax and lowers immunity. This results in tears, holes and ruptures in aura, which enables unwanted negative energies to enter the auric field. Many people are not aware of this, that their body is trying to release all negative emotions, thoughts and energies which do not even belong to them!

Yes. Family dynamics effect kids energies in great amount so it is the best if all family members can benefit from the sessions together. 

Yes. Power Codes work on humans and animals energy field. It is always better if both of you benefit from the sessions together since you will be effecting each others energy field. 

Many clients first take a monthly session and then come back for more since they feel the energy difference and support during the monthly sessions. Once your love level reaches to favorable amounts, you will feel that you do not need Power Codes any more.  This is different for every person. You can always muscle test to see how many months you can start with. It is usually recommended to take 3-4 monthly sessions to feel balanced generally. 

Yes, Power Codes works every time even if you do not believe in them. However, personal consent is needed to start sessions. Many feel the cleansing effects of Power Codes energy on their body after the session and the following days.

The testimonials here are personal, everyone’s energetic purity, feeling of the energy, and results vary from person to person. The energy of the Power Codes work for the physical, emotional, mental and energetic issues, whatever clearing should be the priority. Please read the testimonials and observe what you are experiencing from all angles.

Maybe you still have questions if this is the right method for you or not? You can always email us through healing@healing.codes


Murat İ.
Apart from physical changes, behavioral and mental changes occurred rapidly.
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“I attended your sessions. Basically I am a good person, but with this program my awareness has increased. Apart from physical changes, behavioral and mental changes occurred rapidly. I started to be more positive, more optimistic and more helpful to all the people and everything living and nonliving around me. I was already a positive person, but I started to apply the understanding that everyone will be fine if I am good, which allowed me to behave more sharing, positive, not seeing mistakes, making people aware of them in a non-offensive way."
Senem B.
When the session was over, there was no pain and I was really happy.
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"I had a pain that spread to the toes that did not go away on my soles for 2 months and yesterday it increased so much that I decided to go to the doctor for today. Then I made an intention during the session last night. When the session was over, there was no pain and I was really happy. I wanted to share this with you. Love"
Monthly sessions were very good for me.
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"It was a time when I was having a lot of emotional difficulties. We had problems with my partner, too. We turned upside down in the first week. I said what's going on? Then I calmed down. My husband was like that too. We took mutual steps. We felt both good. I believe the sessions had this effect. I became less angry, calmer and calm individually. My restlessness decreased. Monthly sessions were very good for me. "
Nesrin G.
This is like a computer reset that I think everybody needs to do
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"The 4-week monthly sessions went very well. I have no negative emotions left, no worry, delusion, anger, fear, etc. Thank you very much for everything. This is like a computer reset that I think everybody needs to do."
Begüm D.
I have become much calmer and my anxiety has decreased.
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"The monthly sessions have been good for me. I have become much calmer and my anxiety has decreased. Thank you very much.”
Those around me are telling I am shining.
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"After the sessions, I am definitely less angry about the things I am angry with now. I am aware of my self-esteem and self-worth. Those around me are telling I am shining. I am calm about all the things I can react to. I don't even want to hear the “anger” word. I also left my toxic relationship. I am feeling the healing effect of the energy every week. How better is it? I left the addiction in the relationships and turned to myself. How beautiful it is to love myself. And my paths cross with beautiful people. Thank you very much. My heart is peaceful. I also started doing sports. How does it get any better than this? I am grateful for your existence.”
Banu A.
My energy is above the roof
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“Since I started taking the monthly sessions with Başak, my ego has really been dissolved, my anger has left me. Until yesterday, I would have inner discussions about people I meet like why he always does that, say that etc. I do not care about any of them anymore. I changed the department at work, I immediately accepted. In the past, I would probably ask myself what if I was inadequate and why would they want to give me this department. But now I look at it so positively that my energy is above the roof. I was afraid of spiders, insects and even had a panic attack. Now I pick them up with bare hands and throw them out. I meet with my neighbors more often. And I started to enjoy it a lot. I am much more calm, much more patient and I started to laugh and enjoy a lot more. Apart from that, the fungal infection and itching that tired me began to heal without applying anything. I cannot wait for my next session. I am grateful for you.”
Deniz S.
I spent 45 minutes full of great feelings.
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"I just had my session and wanted to share the most obvious effect on me as a shock. Before the session I was physically very exhausted and overly painful and twisted because of my menstruation. I was able to stand up straight right after the moment I said YES, and my pains disappeared. I feel very good right now. I spent 45 minutes full of great feelings. How could it be better than this? I am excitedly waiting for the results. Thank you very much and I wish these beautiful energies return to you."
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