Living in the Matrix Workshop 2

The scope of Life in the Matrix Workshop:

  • 4 specific consciousness-raising Power Codes sessions
  • Special lessons of consciousness-raising ancient knowledge
  • Special consciousness-raising meditations
  • WhatsApp group support for 30 days


Are you ready to transform your life in the matrix with group synergy with subliminal cleansing sessions, deep knowledge and meditations in zoom online live lessons that will be held once a week for a total of 4 weeks?

If you want to live disease free, know how to be rich, experience the feeling of love in its deepest form, be peaceful, leave anxiety and manage living in the matrix, this workshop is for you!

Starting date: (Please contact via for current dates)

$594.00 inc. VAT


Are you ready to transform your life using the Power Codes technique, ancient knowledge and the power of meditation?

Power Codes session works on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies. Please check this page to learn more about Power Codes Technique.

Workshop content:

  • Discover hidden information about the world we live in.
  • Is life getting more difficult and complex? Get support to realize the rules of the game and complete them in a pleasant way.
  • Prepare to move to a higher matrix.
  • There is a lot of information coming, which one should we trust? Learn how healthy integration happens.
  • Proceed by getting help from the higher consciousness.
  • Activate your inner knowledge to move from the victim role to the conscious player role.
  • Experience being in a community where you can talk about high frequency spiritual information every day.
  • Experience 4 sessions with Power Codes, the fastest healing technique in the world.
  • Learn specially created meditations that will make your life easier in the Matrix.


Starting dates: Please contact via email for the workshop dates.

Workshop leaders:
Başak Pirtini, Power Codes Creator
Ebru Birsen Coşkun, Power Codes Practitioner

IMPORTANT NOTICE: “Power Codes sessions are non-refundable once sessions have started. BEFORE purchasing sessions and working with Başak Pirtini, it is in YOUR best interest to decide that she is the right practitioner for you.”


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