Power Codes Monthly Session – Household

  • Household session covers other people including pets living in the same house as purchaser*
  • Remote session includes only text messaging
  • Encoded with sacred geometries
  • New World Healing Codes: Power Codes delivered by the Creator
  • Unlocks natural healing power
  • Support for 30 days
  • 2 sessions a week
  • Includes 8 sessions of  personal remote session
  • Aids natural order of highest priority in healing
  • Heart Wall Clearing
  • Aids physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies


*Please write in the notes part, your full name and surname , all the people’s full names and pets names living in your house with your purchase. All the household people over age 13 on your list must give their verbal consent to you for accepting the Power Codes sessions. The verbal consents for kids under age 13 are to be given by their parents, for pets by their care takers.

After completing the 1 month of Power Codes Monthly Session, you complete the prerequisite for applying to the Power Codes Practitioner Program. Please check the Power Codes Practitioners Program page if you consider to become a practitioner.

$174.00 inc. VAT


In monthly remote session, you will be receiving energetic clearings on your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies through Power Codes.

The household sessions do not include online video or voice communication. You will receive text messages about the sessions. Weekly sessions continue for a month.

You can also get 1-to-1 personal sessions which aim at the issues you are still stuck at. The number of personal sessions depends on the person. For better results you may want to start with 3 personal sessions package.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: “The Power Codes sessions are not refundable once they start. It is YOUR benefit to decide BEFORE purchasing the sessions and commiting to work with Başak Pirtini, that she is the right practitioner for you.”


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