Power Codes Technique Practitioner Course-Basics Module

This course is for anyone who is interested in joining the Power Codes Practitioners Program.

BASICS: 1 month of group online training via video communication.

  • Basics of energy healing
  • Basics of Muscle testing with Special Accuracy Activation
  • 53 New World Healing Codes: Power Codes
  • 10 Codes for Emotions
  • Start healing yourself and others with codes frequencies
  • Complete energy healing package
  • Corrects and balances energy naturally
  • Fit for healers or anyone who wants to transform his/her life radically
  • Deep energy clearing
  • Learn to correct and balance 351 issues
  • Achieve fast, quick results to live in high frequency
  • Become connected to continuous joy, peace, divine love and Our Creator
  • Enhances intuition and connects the consciousness to the highest level
  • Become a Power Codes Practitioner
  • Fully Automated Power Codes Session (No muscle testing needed) – So easy a 5 year old can do it!
  • Famous 5 Word Healing Session – Just remember them and you can master the whole Power Codes Protocol


PREREQUISITE: 1 month of Power Codes Monthly Session. Click for the monthly session info. After the sessions are complete students have a meeting with Başak Pirtini to get accepted to the program.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: 4 live zoom classes with replays, total 16 hours of curriculum, printed materials, practitioner marketing materials and certificate of completion are included. Students must present 24 sessions and complete a test to get certified.

After completing the basics program you can deep dive in advancing your Power Codes Technique by learning to practice the Power Codes Protocols. Power Codes Protocols are not included in the Basics Program. Current advanced protocol modules are Total Energy Reset Protocol, Miracle Energy Protocol, Wealth and Money Flow Protocol, Relationships Protocol and Fat Loss Protocol.

$1,440.00 inc. VAT


Are you ready to improve your healing sessions with the fastest healing technique by using Power Codes?

Power Codes work on all physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies. Power Codes are much stronger versions of New Earth Healing Codes. Everyone who learned the New Earth Healing Codes fell in love with codes after experiencing their power.

Be prepared for a breakthrough in your healing business once you enroll to this course.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: “The Power Codes Technique program, protocols and practitioner support are not refundable. The aim of this program is to support you to your highest level of success, and part of that is requiring a commitment from you that you are fully invested in your Power Codes Technique Program. It is YOUR benefit to decide BEFORE purchasing your program and commiting to work with Başak Pirtini, that she is the right support for you. You are expected to be 100% in to complete the program fully.”


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