“Doğal Annelik Yolunda” Book

Name of the book: On the way to the Natural Motherhood

Subtitles: The simple steps to have a baby in a natural way, Strategies to new moms and dads about how to give birth to a healthy baby

Language: Turkish

Writer: Başak Pirtini, Chemist, Writer of Doğal Anneyim Blogs

Getting pregnant, giving birth and raising this baby is one of the most special experiences of every woman’s life. This little phrase comes with books, encyclopedias, blogs, and countless advice behind it. The more you research, talk and read, the more you get confused.

It is necessary to agree on the most basic areas first with a guide. Many suggestions that seem innocent can have traps behind them.

Yeni İnsan Yayınevi, with its ecological point of view, puts its theme on the side of nature, love and human on the way from giving birth to raising that baby. This journey you will take off with Başak Pirtini is the herald of this ecological path. Natural Motherhood is the first book of this series and it is a complete bedside source for the adventure that will begin after holding your baby in your arms. All of his suggestions have been tested, rigorously reworked and researched in many languages.

Başak Pirtini, who follows the same path as the natural parenting that the world tends to, wrote with a masterful language her practices that are very easy to apply and only require care and love. A generation that grew up with her suggestions has already started playing in parks.

When you hold your baby, think again. What should you do to grow it in its most natural form? What is possible for this?

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What is your dream? How can your dream survive in this world? Do you ever dream of a sustainable world like Başak Pirtini where there is love, peace and abudant health, where we live without interrupting the order of nature, where birds fly free in the sky, where animals run free on the earth and where water animals and fish swim without fear in the ocean, where we grow our vegetables and fruits without hurting the soil, where food is our medicine, where we treat all animals and Gods creations with kindness, where we grasp the deep knowledge of trees, where we recognize to be ONE with nature, where earthly waters run clean, where we breath clean air, where we recycle our waste into nature, where we live in green houses, where we live our relationships full of love, where we have joy in our hearts, where we bring our children to the earth with the most beautiful relationships, where we never interrupt a growing child in any artificial ways, where mothers breastfeed their babies unconditionally, where moms really enjoy being a great mother, where fathers give the biggest support to moms, where children are considered little people, where children are considered as whole and complete at birth and are not being tried to change, where even the toughest diseases are treated naturally, where humans live to achieve their greatest potentials by using the power of unconditional love, where we understand the importance of emotions effecting our health, where we clear the Earth with our intention and the power of thought, where we accept and possess the power of our dreams and believes?

Başak have been seeing these wonderful images from a new world where human babies live to reach their full potentials. How is it possible? Is it ever possible to achieve this, where specialists and scientists just by looking at the way which we live today that is ruining the worlds ecology say that we have no more than 20 years left to live on The Earth? The next years await a human population of many miscarriages and infertility. Some say 8 out of 10 children will be infertile if we continue the way we live today with the increased number of toxic chemicals from the farming, food and drug industries. The toxic overload from air, water, earth, foods and drugs is killing us without us even knowing. It is NOW time to awaken. It is NOW time to get knowledged and it is NOW time to put a more aware way of living into action.

Are you willing to contribute to a dream of flight to leave the earth for many other worlds to ruin? Or, are you willing to stay on this earth to continue with your family line? Earth does not need us. It has existed millions of years. It is we who need this amazing earth to survive. And sure there is a better way to survive which is in favor of the earth, that is the ECOLOGICAL way of living. This is what we must all preach and teach every child if she or he wants to survive on this earth. Mothers need to choose the ecological way of living even before the conception if they want to bring a child to the earth with the minimum toxic overload.

It may first take a lot of resistance to face when you change the way you live, the way you eat and the way you purchase. However this greatly pays you back with your health and your families health. Başak in her book “On the way to the Natural Motherhood-Pregnancy and Birth” shows us and mothers how to take simple steps to decrease the toxic chemical load from your life. Being a chemist, she has searched many articles and have summarized the toxic free ecological ways of eating and living and how to detox these chemicals most of the time.


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