What is Structured Water Dr Masaru Emoto

What is structured water?

I have been drinking structured water for over 15 years now. I use crystals and structured water devices to structure my water at home. As I have learned more about the physics of body and frequencies I have always searched for ways to increase my vibration.

Naturally, I have been led away from chemicals although my major is Chemistry, addictive foods and habits to protect my precious body instinctively. This has helped me get so much better at my healings and live a life of happiness. Yes, your vibration comes from food and water too! I have always improved my natural foods towards more plant-based, GMO-free, organic and pollutant-free.

As I read about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water crystal pictures I was amazed at the beauty the positive vibe water has through classical music, a prayer or positive emotions such as love, peace and thank you. On the other hand the dirty water with the negative feelings, words, negative sounds created ugly crystals which were not fully formed. Structured water always accompanies my families water needs at the perfect level for a long time and I am really grateful of using it for our optimal health.  

What is structured water scientifically?

Naturally, water is your fuel and hydration is your source, but not just any water. It has to be the electron rich H3O2 which forms these amazing crystals. Structured water is the water found in nature. It is the water of springs and streams and hydrating cucumbers, melons and other fruits and vegetables.  It’s the water needed in your cells to move, think, heal and repair. Structured water is the optimal source of hydration, energy and vitality. It is the fuel your body was designed to run on. Known for its electrical charge, structured water is 10% denser and has more oxygen than regular H2O. It’s chemical formula is H3O2.

What are the benefits of structured water?

Structured water has increased oxygen and negative charge, structured water hydrates the body efficiently, detoxifies and uses electromagnetic charge to dissolve chemicals and detoxify the body and structured water conducts cell to cell communication. Structured water does more than just keep us moist, it supports cellular vitality through negative charge allowing the cells to fulfill their role as nature’s filter.

Structure water aids in anti-aging

If you are interested in adding structured water to your house as I did, you can check my SHOP for the latest offers on structured water devices that I use personally.

Blue cobalt showerhead white portable water structuring device

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I have been interested in healing techniques for more than 20 years. I work for healing people, animals, nature and the world with my New World Healing Codes, God’s Healing Chamber, Emotion Code, Body Code, Access Bars, Animal Communication and Universal Energy sessions. 

After meeting Ah’Ki, I have been volunteering to spread the New World Healing Codes frequencies to the world, providing incredibly fast energy cleansing so that people can enjoy their full potential. 

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