Personal Session

  • 45min personal online remote session via voice or video communication
  • New World Healing Codes: Power Codes
  • Emotion Code
  • Body Code
  • Heart Wall Clearing
  • Aids physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies

 4.500,00 + VAT ( 5.400,00)


In this personal session, you will be connected remotely by using kinesiology (muscle testing) and will receive clearings on your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies through Power Codes. 

Personal session is 1-to-1 live and distant energy session.  Personal sessions aim at the issues you are still stuck at. The number of sessions depends on the person. For better results you may want to start with 3 personal sessions package.

Personal sessions are done remotely via email, online video, or voice communication through zoom, skype, or Whatsapp at the most available daily time arranged by both sides.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: “The Power Codes sessions are not refundable once they start. It is YOUR benefit to decide BEFORE purchasing the sessions and commiting to work with Başak Pirtini, that she is the right practitioner for you.”


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